Banned Fishing Jigs

          Banned fishing lures will come and go and who is to say whether this is some ploy by the advertising community or they actually work better than most other lures.
          Well, take the case of the most recent banned lure/jig setup, the Alabama or umbrella rig.  It worked so well in bass tournaments that it was banned from some competition.  The umbrella rig, as seen on the right, can catch more and bigger bass, and maybe work just as well with other species of fish too.  Test one and be the judge.  These rigs range from about $6 to $12 (plus shipping) up to about $30.  Here's a video by Mike Iaconelli (top bass fishing pro) on why this rig works.
          In the past you may have heard of the walking worm and jointed lures and swim baits that were "banned", and certainly they can be cause for advertising gone amok.  Other banned jigs and lures we may see in the future will include anything that includes lead in the product.
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Mitzi Skiff
Mitzi Skiffs