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          Giving is not just about money.  Equally so or more important, giving can be about giving of your morale, your vote and "voice", your time to volunteer, and being a part of something BIG that you're passionate about.
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Your Daddy Kills Animals!

Shocking!  This outlandish “Daddy Kills” statement comes from one of the many anti-recreational fishing groups in America.  These are extreme groups focused on minimizing, and eventually eliminating, all recreational fishing in the U.S. through systematic sport fishing over regulation.  These groups also affect the general population worldwide.  (Google “your daddy kills animals”)

One of their promotions to kids exclaims, "If someone asks you to go fishing, explain why you won't go.  Tell them fish have feelings and deserve to live just like everyone else…keep your doggies and kitties away from him (daddy).  He’s so hooked on killing defenseless animals that they could be next!”

Outlandish?  Yes!  Most sensible people will agree that balance is the key to enjoying what our planet has to offer us.  It’s important to understand that our education about conservation plays a huge part in the overall picture.  The 40+ million recreational anglers in America, and the 100+ million anglers worldwide, are under attack by these groups backed by the likes of Wal-Mart (with their $30+ million in anti-sport fishing donations), Rolling Stone Magazine (with their influence to over one million subscribers), and numerous other groups backed by huge corporate funding.

As you may be starting to wonder, is there something off color about this disaster waiting to happen?  Yes, of course there is!  Why would Wal-Mart support anti-recreational fishing groups when they also support bass fishing tournaments and sell millions of dollars of fishing tackle to anglers?

Why would any large corporation participate in bringing down a recreational fishing industry that generates a much needed $125+ billion annually to our weak economy?  And, why would any group lend itself to negative publicity at the expense of millions of families using this favorite fishing pastime for leisure, family cohesion, adventure, and more?

Are politics and greed the culprits?  Most likely, as these dominant factors seem to be at the core of most everything that appears off color.

So, what can we do about it?  This is where you come in to help implement a balance to these anti-recreational fishing groups before it’s too late for us and our children.  You can learn more about how your vote and voice can make a difference when you sign up with today.  Become an early and proud supporter of this David and Goliath battle that's soon to heat up!

Mitzi Skiff
Mitzi Skiffs