Custom Fishing Tackle

For the angler who wishes to create a new type of lure, copy
existing lures, make a custom big fish or fly rod or spinning rod,
the opportunity and materials for you to do so is enormous.
          There's certainly a lot to be said about catching that
prized fish with a creation of your own.  Pride enters into
the equation and so does your feeling of accomplishment,
learning, and fulfillment.
          Anyone who has invested time to make their custom
gear or lures can tell you the sport of fishing and catching
takes on a whole new meaning and rises to the next level.
          So, whether you wish to begin from scratch or assemble
components, the links below will offer you a wide range of options.  soft baits, hard baits, top water lures.  rods, gear, fly tying, jig and lure molds.

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Mitzi Skiffs