Sport Fishing Adventures

          How do you define a fishing adventure?  Maybe it's simply just heading to the local pier or lake for the morning.  It could also be heading out to the Gulf before first light to hook into a BIG tarpon that cracks the morning silence and silhouettes itself against the dawn of a new day.
          Maybe a fishing adventure to you means heading off to an exotic location to challenge wits with some little known fish that makes your hair stand up on your arms.  Or, maybe your fishing adventure is solely focused on the big fish such as billfish or giant tuna, or more focused on smaller game fish like award winning sized largemouth bass, or huge rainbow trout.
          Whatever your desire, there's a darn good chance you will find the fishing adventure you desire with the recommendations we have for you.  If your desire is a fly fishing adventure, then please visit our Fly Fishing page, otherwise you can select one of our recommendations below:  

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Mitzi Skiff
Mitzi Skiffs