Fishing Conservation

          We all have our personal opinions about what constitutes good fishing conservation.  Take for example the issue of lead in fishing products that was on the agenda to be banned due to it (allegedly) causing problems for birds and other creatures.
          This may be true, however sufficient scientific evidence has not proven this to be the case as yet.  So, do we allow regulation to run rampant and ban lead in fishing products because we know it's bad in other areas of our lives?  Or, do we ensure a bright future in all State and federal conservation regulations by holding them accountable through scientific study?  That's the big question and one you will find an answer to in your heart.
          Let's take the incident in Idaho, where a mining operation was polluting a stream and two-headed trout were found downstream from that mining operation.  Do we shut down the mining operation immediately, or do we collect scientific data first?  (see below)

          Again, you must balance your feelings to find the right answer.

          Let's talk about our ocean that provides 350 million jobs and $102 billion annual trade in fish.  We have already lost 90% of big fish in the sea, plus 50% of coral reefs are declining or lost.  Do we support more fish farms inland (like the one pictured above right), or more fish farms offshore, or salmon fish farms in rivers (with their recent problems with pollution).  Or, what do YOU say (and feel)?

          Think long and hard about saying "yes" to fact and science based fisheries management, not whimsical and politically and greed driven motives.  We depend on the oceans, the lakes, and the rivers and if we look after them they will look after us.  Diverse people from politicians to anglers worldwide are already joining in for urgent action to better manage and protect our aquatic resources.

Whatever you decide, you must feel good about it, but know that we have used and abused our ocean and lakes and rivers, and we are long overdue to do something productive about it.  The good news though, is that we can turn these problem areas around.  And, the key is balance, without being extreme one way or the other.  You can learn more about fishing conservation through the links below:

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