Fishing Knots

When was the last time you lost a trophy fish due to using the wrong knot? Searching out the best knot to use for your style of fishing and the type of fish you are targeting is similar to testing various hooks sizes and types to find the one that is right for you.  One version that may work for another angler may not work best for you, may be too hard to remember to tie, etc.
          You may already know, or will soon learn, that your choice in fishing knots also must take into consideration the type of line you are using.  The line choices are not just monofilament verses braid, but also the type of mono and braid you are using.
          The link below covers fishing knots, outdoor knots, boating knots, and padding knots.  The fishing knots section offers static as well as animated knot tying, plus a description of their use and percentage of strength:  Fishing, outdoor, boating, and padding knots

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