Fishing Report

Your fishing report can hurt you or help you depending on how you view its contents.  Quite often anglers will offer too much faith for their fishing report and experience a fishing day letdown.
          Most experienced anglers have realized a change in air or water temp, wind, or rain can change your fishing report prospects drastically.
          Your key is to innovate when this happens.  For example, if water temperatures drop you want to slow down the speed of your lure.  If wind persists, move to the area of the lake or bay where the wind is pushing the bait.  It you are competing with the rain, then use a lure with more rattle or go deeper.  Experiment and "think like a fish".
          Your local fishing reports are easily found by inserting your desired location plus "fishing report" in a Google search. We have included local and worldwide fishing reports here:
Fishing report - Global, U.S., local
Fishing report - U.S. and local

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