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Once you make the decision to buy your first fishing tackle, or buy more fishing gear, think seriously about buying used fishing gear.
          There are exceptional values with used top of the line fishing reels like Penn, Daiwa, Shimano, Orvis, Sage, Ross, Shakespeare, Abu-Garcia, Shakespeare, and rods including Berkley, Scott, Sage, Daiwa, Penn, Tsumani, Star, Garcia, Silaflex, Shakespeare, Shimano, and others.
          If you are looking for used fishing jigs and lures, there is more available than you can imagine.  Ensure they have a strong noise making ability, splash and/or vibration, and either dark, medium, or light colors for variable light and overcast days and water color.
          We are going to say the obvious and tell you to visit eBay for your used fishing gear needs. For your new gear needs visit our Best Value Fishing Tackle and Outdoors Store for top service.

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