Freshwater Fishing

Whether we are freshwater or saltwater fishing, it's still fishing and we love it!
          As we have mentioned on another page, a saying you may want to think about on your next fishing trip is, "Sometimes the least important thing about fishing, is the fishing..."  (Roderick Haig Brown)
          There's a lot to be said about this statement when you begin thinking about it.  Other than tournament anglers who must focus 100% on their fishing strategy and tactics to hit the top five positions, the rest of us can reflect on other issues in our lives.
          Certainly, there are times when you want to get aggressive in your fishing.  However, there always seems to be those fleeting moments on the water that allow us to dig deep into our minds and find answers to life's challenges.  See below for freshwater hot spots.
Worldwide Freshwater Fishing Hotspots

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Mitzi Skiff
Mitzi Skiffs